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The dxdt Rotary Fingering Chart System is ideal for beginning and intermediate music students and teachers. The system is a great improvement over paper woodwind fingering charts; they're durable, easy to use, versatile, and they eliminate the need to fumble across multiple sheets and books to find a note. This tool provides a large, unambiguous view of the finger stations in a smaller form factor than a conventional chart can, translating to better readability under any conditions.

Each rotary fingering chart product includes a large and easy to understand imprint of the circle of fifths to help students with key recognition.

The unique rotary design of dxdt's Rotary Fingering Chart System makes it ideally suited for use as a key transposition aid. Simply aim the main pointer to the key of the piece you wish to transpose and place a piece of tape or an erasable mark on your destination key. Now whenever the main pointer is directed to a note in your piece to be transposed, the transposed note will be indicated by the temporary marker.


For a printable guide click here: Transposing with the Rotary Fingering Charts



"I've already sold 4 to my students (keeping one for myself)

and the students really like them."


"I am just blessed to have access to such a wonderful device

that will enhance my students' experience."

Flute Teacher D. 

"Fantastic idea!"


" This looks amazing...  I just wanted to let you know

how excited I was to see this! Great job!!"


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